Illegal Sports Betting

So the integrity issue doesn’t, like, cross over on fantasy. And for the pros, I think if you think of the match fixing things that have happened in the past, it’s a different world now in the sports industry, a lot more coverage around it, the players make a lot more money, you’d be hard-pressed to expect, and going back to Odell, him intentionally getting over 100 yards, I mean, it seems with the Giants he could do that all on his own, unintentionally at the moment, (laughter) but I do hear it in the sense of in more amateur and more obscure games, and that’s why I view it as somewhat in working with a regulator, that the types of bets we offer we make sure are approved, I don’t think we currently take action on Division Three European Handball, so I do think in the major sports the opportunity for corruption can largely be crowdsourced, in terms of how it’s controlled, and again, as Jodi pointed out, sports betting exists on a black market and has for while anyway, and we haven’t seen a massive scandal in the United States in the major sports of recent memory.

So I won’t be able to make a prop-bet on whether Odell has a tantrum this week or not? – That line would be too easy to hit. (laughter) – Rick, does the league expect with the opening-up that’s going on, a lot more wagering? Or is it just a shifting from the illegal to the legal market? – I don’t know, I would say it’s somewhere in between, I would say we expect more. But part of the problem, of course, is that while there are lots of estimates thrown around as to the size of the black market, there really aren’t any studies that I’m aware of, at least, that I would put a whole ton of stock in, principally because it’s a black market. So it’s pretty hard to put an exact figure on that, so I don’t know if we’re all working from the same baseline, but look, my expectation throughout has been that if you make an illegal activity legal, that there are some number of people in our society that are law-abiding citizens where the circles overlap, and they would like to engage in this activity but haven’t previously simply because it was against the law.

So I would think that you would get some additional activity of its kind, yes. – David, you had your head moving when Rick was– – Well, I agree that the illegal market is massive now, I don’t know the number either, for all the reasons Rick said, but I do know this, from what we see online, and publicly, there’s public forums, we know it’s very big, and to put a dollar figure on it is very much uncertain, so we just let the economists predict what it could be, but we also look to Europe, because Europe’s been involved in this a lot, lot longer, and one of the points that Rick mentioned I would agree with: the end-play wagering, because of technology, technology is driving this marketplace, this business, in ways that many old folks like myself, I don’t even understand. I try to learn it everyday, but in the United Kingdom, 80%, their records, public records, of the wagers that are made, are made on end-play wagers, that is, once the game begins, there are anywhere from 10 to 100 to 1000 different activities you can bet on in that one event. Now, the risk there is what Rick said, you know, how far are we gonna go in this area? How far are we gonna go in this area? Certain sports, and the NBA is not one, because they’re very fluid, they have less stoppages, but think of baseball.