NCCA and Scandals

I lose sleep at night worried about the NCAA, I know Derek has a big job, we need to be engaged deeply in preparing for the risks that are associated with low-paid athletes who may or may not have an opportunity to make the next level and will be approached, either through bribery, extortion, blackmail, and as Derek mentioned, the greater risk, I call it insider trading. 18 year old goes back to his dorm, mentions that the Alabama quarterback, he’s not playing this week, somebody’s gonna use that information to their advantage to take advantage of financial opportunity. And that insider trading, whether it’s negligent or intentional or even grossly negligent, that is a big concern when you have hundreds of amateur athletes who are 18 to 21 and are engaged in the social network that they’re in in a college and university. So, they have a lot of work to do, we’re happy to work with them and we need to look at this in the future, because the last thing we need is a major scandal, we’ve had them before, mostly in collegiate athletics, and they’re high risk. – The low-hanging fruit for the opportunities for corruption is what the Europeans call spot fixing, what we call proposition bets, prop-bets, alright, because it’s sorta easy enough to play blackjack online canada your performance to avoid scoring a touchdown or to fumble the ball in the third quarter when somebody has a prop-bet on that, what do you recommend, the folks who are closer to the lobbying process right now, in terms of avoiding that threat, are there efforts being made to, for instance, allow wagering on game outcomes but not on prop-bets?

So, David, in somewhat inflammatory language, said that we were proposing an absolute veto right over types of bets, I wouldn’t use that language myself, but I would say that, to Jodi’s question, that’s one of the issues that we’re focused on, we wanna make sure that it’s not acceptable to have a prop-bet placed on who is gonna make the first turnover of the game, or whether the first pitch of a baseball game is gonna be a ball or a strike. And the operators have a similar interest, within a lot of ways, we are aligned, we want there to be gambling products with integrity that don’t lead to perceptions of impropriety or scandals or anything else, but that’s precisely for the reason that you’re saying, Jodi, that’s something that we’re interested in getting some say-so over, because this whole area is new, the mobile aspect of it is reasonably new, the kinds of bets that are gonna be offered, I think will be creative, there will be a lots of new things that nobody has seen before or has thought about before, and we’re gonna have to be able to respond in real time to those to make sure that we aren’t getting into those easily manipulable situations. – I think Rick’s onto something here. –

Opened up, in a sense, through fantasy football. – Yeah. – Sorry, repeat the question? – I mean, prop-bets, how far away is the prop-bet issue from fantasy football, where I can bet on a player? – Right, so fantasy, the key difference there is it’s not binary, you’re not saying, is Odell gonna have over a hundred and a half yards this week, you’re building a roster of nine different players out of a near infinite amount of possibilities. In terms of an integrity issue with fantasy, every one of those players is generating points, so it is almost impossible, it’s impossible already to throw a game, in a sense, because they are only trying to add to their totals for the day. And given each of them is involved in a team sport, you would require an entire other team working in their favor to allow them to gain a certain amount of yards, and this is just one player you have in a roster of nine people.