Top 10 Things Wrong With Superman But Not At Slots

#10 Hes a Snitch During the Injustice Gods Among Us comic we saw a dark side of Superman. After he killed Lois Lane he became a cruel dictator of sorts. After forming the – One Earth Regime – he attempted to stop all crime at any cost.

Batman was one of the many people who refuted this and went on to form an underground resistance. Things got extremely petty between the two heroes and after getting some intel from Robin on Batman he exposed his enemy. He took to Twitter of all places and with four simple words snitched on Batman. He tweeted – Batman is Bruce Wayne.

#9 He thinks Mullets are Cool The 90s will be remembered as lots of flannel and bad hairstyles for sure. Superman was no exception as he went to the barber and asked for a business-in-the-front and party-in-the-back mullet.

Sure hes had longer hair in the past, but it was that cover of the famous Wonder Woman comic where we really got to see how much he loved his new mullet.

#8 He Destroyed Military Property At the end of Man of Steel we got to see just how poorly Superman treats other peoples property when he took down a surveillance drone that was keeping an eye on the Kryptonian. Many were confused when General Swanwick called him effing stupid, but thats understandable considering the drone cost the military 12 million dollars. I mean he could have found a better way to handle this drone other than destroying it.

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This debacle only furthers the bad relationship he has with the military. Especially after the destruction in Metropolis in the fight with General Zod that led to so much property damage and the loss of innocent lives.

#7 He Stole an Identity Not just any identity, Bruce Waynes identity. And not just once, twice. In American Alien issue number 3 Clark Kent survives a plane crash and washes up near a cruise ship which was supposed to be hosted by Bruce Wayne.

However Bruce was too busy to make his own party so Clark took on his identity when he was mistaken for the fellow brunette. He partied with other DC rich boys like Oliver Queen and even got down with wonder woman villain Barbara Minerva. The nerv-ah!

Plus when Bruce Wayne confronted Clark in his apartment Superman slammed Batman into a wall then took his cape and even began flying around in a batman inspired costume.

#6 Hes a Bully In the Search for Swamp Thing #2 John Constantine was minding his own business in Metropolis looking for his old pal Swamp Thing. When giant roots began popping out of the ground Superman believed Swamp Thing was behind it and decided to rough up John for some answers. Constantine knew that Superman wouldnt be polite with him though and humbled Clark real quick by putting a protection spell over himself in anticipation of his bullying. Its a sad day when you can expect that Superman will bully you for answers.

#5 Hes a Vegetarian Not only does he talk with his mouth full, did you know that Superman is a vegetarian. Gross.

Technically speaking he is a walking talking solar panel as he gets his power from the sun, which means he doesnt even need to eat food. However he mainly does it to keep up appearances. The strange thing wrong here is that he decided to become a vegetarian which is weird considering that hes supposed to be an American superhero.

America is known for its love of meat so to some being a vegetarian isnt exactly tradition. If you consider the way he gets energy, hes kind of like a plant. Which means hes eating his own kind. Mind blown. Superman is eating his own people just for show.

#4 Hes a Bad Father During the Young Justice cartoon series Superman and Superboy had a very awkward and cold relationship. Technically speaking he was a clone of Superman that the Young Justice team rescued from Cadmus Labs, but still. Kon-El was excited to meet his clone dad, but Superman wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. He would only ever speak with him in brief bursts as little as possible before flying off, Im sure to go to the store for a pack of cigarettes.

Thats the story of most deadbeat dads, right? Bruce Wayne even tried to get Clark to mentor the young Superboy, but to no avail. When he asked his father for help with his powers Superman responded with – Batmans got that covered – SO basically go ask your step-dad.

#3 He Killed a Friend If I can lead you back to the dark and twisted world of Injustice Gods Among Us we find the all-powerful Superman dictator ruling by fear, rage and mistrust. Green Arrow that he could be the voice of reason and against Batmans better judgement he went to confront Superman at his Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately for Green Arrow Johnathan and Martha Kent were visiting so he was already on edge. For some reason Green thought shooting an arrow at Clark would distract him, but instead it bounced off his body and hit Papa Kent in the shoulder. This drove Superman insane and he went on to beat Green Arrow to death as a result.

#2 He Hates Dogs At this point its quite clear that Superman uses Batman like a punching bag and even in the cartoon Batman the Brave and the bold there altercations were no different. In the episode Battle of the Superheroes Superman became infected by a red kryptonite that resulted in him terrorizing Metropolis. Batman enlisted the help of Supermans trusty sidekick canine Superdog to help fight off Superman until the effects of the kryptonite wore off. When Krypto hit his master in the back with some heat vision, Superman decided to punish the dog. He called him a bad dog, grabbed him by his cute little doggy cape and then flung the canine crusader into outer space.

So much for mans best friend. #1 He Beats Women Spanking is always a weird and creepy thing to see no matter what, but during the Golden Age of comics in the 40s there was spanking everywhere. Superman was no exception.